the year, 2013.

“The life of clouds is a life of farewell and a life of reunions; tears and laughter.”

Kahlil Gibran

IMG_3314 copy

2013. With another tick of the clock, it’s a new year. The arbitrary collective understanding that this moment represents a new beginning, a fresh start. It has been 365 days, 12 full moon cycles since the last time I sat here and obligatorily reflected on the year passed.

2013. With each setting sun, it’s a new day. A new day chock full of resolutions. This is the year I will not let my own neurosis, fear, or pesky inner voice interfere with life. That means working hard, following through, and finding balance.

2013. With each blink of an eye, it’s a new moment.  Fresh eyes, warm smile, full embrace.


With that in mind, 2013 and this new blog will be an homage to the amazing faces and places that have left an indelible mark on my life. Inauspiciously, in 2012, I lost a majority of my photos, including the ones from this past summer (*palm on forehead d’oh*), my old blog, anddd…more or less all traces of tangible memories I had held dear. Therefore, in my attempt to bring my family and friends closer (!!open arms!!) by opening up (::shudder::), while incorporating three of my new year’s resolutions:

III. Read one book per week (52 books this year)

IV. Sketch one drawing per day (365 sketches this year)

V. Write one journal entry or blog per week (52 entries this year)

I commit to immortalizing a memory in words and sketch, inspired by a theme of my book of the week, into this blog once a week.  My sincerest apologies, gia đinh và các bạn thân mến, that I had let those memories grow fuzzy, or disappear. I hope I do you all justice as you appear as the main characters in these stories.

thương mến,



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