2014 project



Process to be Creative Inverted

“All my life I have been haunted by the fascinating questions of creativity.” Rollo May, I am trailing upon your thoughts.

Tom & David Kelley proclaim, “Everybody is the creative type.”

I believe it. Do you?

In suspension is the tension between who we believe we have to be, and who we are.

I believe this. Do you?

Here in lies the premise for Project 2014. I want to know:

What gives people the discipline to be creative in an uncreative world and how do they create and maintain the obligations to themselves to enact that discipline?

For 2014, I will find 52 people (or groups of people) who are currently in professions not considered as “creative,” but either 1) Passionately pursue creative endeavors alongside their jobs or 2) Felt as if they “gave up” their passions to pursue their careers and are looking to reclaim that part of themselves. I want to explore the tension within those people + discover the process they undertake in order to create.

At its bare foundation, this Project is just a platform for me to speak to people about their passions and their processes.

But I can’t do it alone — so if you have any ideas about how I can do this, people in mind who’d be great and wouldn’t mind talking to me, methods for the best way to share this, r even more books or resources about creativity, please let me know. Email or message me.


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