Vulnerability. I have deduced that this blog is about vulnerability. My own.

The blog serves its utilitarian functions as a mechanism of accountability and tool for measure of the goal I had set for myself to doodle, read, and write regularly.

Beyond that, this about the process, both through the conscious intent and physical effort, it takes to achieve a state of vulnerability. It’s about vulnerability in my actions, thoughts, and desires associated with the stories and memories that have meaning, constructed.

Because I’ve never been really good at it. Sharing, that is. Maybe feeling. Or, sharing feelings? Now I feel like I’ve shared too much.

With a sigh, and a gulp, the process has already started.




Ai Vuong.

2013 is the year I read one book a week. It is the year I remember a specific piece of memory per post. It is the year when I commit to a project. 52 books, 52 memories, 52 doodles.


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Super brave, sweetheart! It will also help to teach others, including those older than you to develop those same muscles! Miss you! xo. “chi” Joan.

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