Week Forty Five [The Final Eight: Creative Confidence]

But the real value of creativity doesn’t emerge until you are brave enough to act on those ideas.

The book: Creative Confidence by Tom & David Kelley

The memory: 

“All my life I have been haunted by the fascinating questions of creativity.” Rollo May, I am trailing upon your thoughts.

Tom & David Kelley proclaim, “Everybody is the creative type.”

I believe it. Do you?

This year, especially, as I’ve been exploring this concept of creativity within my self, I have found myself in good company. A lot of us are exploring it in one way or another. Of the many people with whom I’ve spoken over many months, some of them are beginning to redefine what it means to be creative and others are re-imagining themselves and their worlds as creative.

I’ve found that there’s still a lot of tension that exists between reconciling your profession, job, career with other parts of yourself and your wants and desires. There’s so much text available about professionals in business or art or whatever who are so passionate about their careers. It’s nice to hear about their successes, but what’s the story before they achieved their state of “flow”? Also, it’s one thing to read about the struggles of Van Gogh with the knowledge that he is a genius, or read about the design thinking / creative confidence process of IDEO and Stanford’s d.school, but how far removed are you from these worlds? I’m at least more than 6 degrees of separation.

Okay, so if everyone is creative, and everyone creates, what is missing to unleash all of that? There’s still a strong tension here. Between something.

Process to be Creative Inverted

Here in lies the premise for Project 2014. I want to know:

What gives people the discipline to be creative in an uncreative world and how do they create and maintain the obligations to themselves to enact that discipline?

For 2014, I will find 52 people (or groups of people) who are currently in professions not considered as “creative,” but either 1) Passionately pursue creative endeavors alongside their jobs or 2) Felt as if they “gave up” their passions to pursue their careers and are looking to reclaim that part of themselves. I want to explore the tension within those people + discover the process they undertake in order to create.

At its bare foundation, this Project is just a platform for me to speak to people about their passions and their processes.

But I can’t do it alone — so if you have any ideas about how I can do this, people in mind who’d be great and wouldn’t mind talking to me, methods for the best way to share this, r even more books or resources about creativity, please let me know. Email or message me.

Pause. Stating something explicitly makes it more real, doesn’t it? I’m posting this because I want to keep myself accountable. Taking the steps to make something happen, purely because I want to do it.

End, Memory Moment Forty Five.

Next week: The Courage to Create by Rollo May


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