Week Forty.

Sadly, there is a villain in our story.

The book: Ideas That Stick by Dan & Chip Heath (repeat authors!) The memory: 

Time is the villain in our story, friends. The setting is New York. Our protagonist is you, me.

Life has become meetings and appointments, panels and workshops, conferences, classes, team projects, and working lunches and applications and papers.

Our protagonist thinks:

Measured my life

“That’s four spoonfuls a day, 28 spoonfuls a week.

What funny lives we all lead. Measured out in finite quantities. As soon as you assign a number to something, it becomes deterministic, says my professor. How we measure time determines how we perceive it.

Time is running out. Life ends at 30. I’m overcommitted. I’m too busy. I HAVE NO TIME. What is this sense of urgency?

As I’m sitting here, with a messy arrangement of post it notes in which I should organize into a coherent document, a pile of clothes I want to neatly arrange into a single tote bag, I’m racing against the clock. My two spoonfuls of coffee, iced, are leading me towards a fun road trip with my roommate. The second two spoonfuls today, hot, will lead me to a reunion with my extended family later this evening.”

Time is the villain in our story, but in our story-world, this protagonist is unaware of the existing limits within her realm. She just keeps measuring out her life with each spoonful, day after day, because she is hopeful for what each spoonful represents.

Life will always be road trips and coffee dates, google hangouts and text messages, chats, dinners, and love and laughs and memories. The setting may be different, the supporting characters will exit and enter, and the tone of the world will undulate from joy to sorrow, and back to joy again.

In this story-world,
There is always time for coffee.

End: Memory Moment Forty.

Next Week: The Wasteland & Other Poems by T.S. Eliot


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