Week Thirty Nine.

I’ve seen the future — and it works.

The book: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Really Motivates Us by Daniel H. Pink

The memory: 


Let us go then, you and I*
to this bright future
both seen and unseen,
imagined; unrealized.

Let us unravel our lie
of this dull present
both lived and unlived,
uninspired; aggrandized.

Let us go, neither you nor I
towards the rays with honest eyes.


Asking someone of his or her time is asking something precious of them. We think that our time is limited, that time is money. We think that how we choose to spend our time means making one decision and saying no to all the other infinite choices in front of us, or choices we have yet to recognize. We think that time can be wasted, which means it’s finite. There’s only so much of it we can give, so therefore we hold it close and precious to us. We hold it too closely and make it too precious.

So here’s what I ask of you:

Demand of me my time. Of anything I can give, or have to offer, time is what I have in ample supply. My ears: of which I only have two, so I will lend you one. My mouth, my words, my opinions: those I will reserve until they’re called upon. Though there are many, the good words and opinions should be dutifully selected with care.

Demand of me my time. It’s really not mine to give.
Really, it’s already yours, but demand it of me anyway.

*Borrowed from T.S. Eliot.

End, Memory Moment Thirty Nine.

Next week: Ideas that Stick by Chip & Dan Heath


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