Week Twelve.

I am the first to be stupefied by the singular and extraordinary things that happen to me every day…

The bookDiary of a Genius by Salvador Dali

The memory:

The world is topsy-turvy, and meaning is made, and symbols are present everywhere, if you care to look:


This is by far the BEST thing that’s happened to me in NYC.

For the past few weeks, I have been volunteering as the rehearsal stage manager for a starting theatre company, Children of an Idle Brain‘s production of The Orphan by  David Rabe.

Nevermind that I did an analysis of another one of David Rabe’s Vietnam Plays my junior year of high school.

Nevermind that I met David Rabe himself tonight at the first tech rehearsal.

Nevermind that I was introduced to this company and got the opportunity to do something (for which is very seemingly unrelated to my “professional” career) through this play’s costume designer, a friend I’d made at my old internship, The 52nd St Project.

For weeks now I’ve been with this group of actors, watching the process of putting on a theatre production unfold and manifest itself into something greater than the sum of its parts.

Maybe my heart has hardened, but I found myself constantly astounded by how genuinely nice and raw everyone in the production is. So, when they casually said they were going out for drinks after rehearsal, I joined. Hey, I figured, relationship-building.

It turned out to be the wisest decision I’d made all day.

So at the Scottish bar, we bonded over how awkward we all were during our teenage years (and arguably still very much so), and somehow the conversation turned to Comic Con. One of the actor’s fiance’s was returning from Comic Con, a trip she takes annually with her father and sister. Sweetest thing I’ve heard.

I gasped histrionically, stating how freaking cool I think that is. The actor asked if I had been. I sighed no, but I already have costumes, because for a couple of years, I’d gone as anime characters for Halloween. Of course, I mentioned my prized costume of Jesse & James from Pokemon.

The actor sitting across from me turned his head, and asked “Oh, did you watch Pokemon?” My eyes widen into an emphatic yes. He says, “Get ready.”

 “I was the original voice actor for James during the first 10 episodes.” 



And THEN he reveals that he also voiced from YU-GI-OH.



I nearly stopped breathing.

Hahahaha. It was an amazing moment. It had to be cataloged.

End, Memory Twelve.

Next week: Me and Orson Welles by Robert Kaplow


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